OTL Seat Fillers in the US & UK

OTL Seat Fillers provides members with free pairs of tickets to Music, Theatre, Comedy, and more. Plus, OTL Seat Fillers has partnered with Evvnt on OTL City Guides Tickets – an incredible new full-service ticketing service for event promoters in 10 locations!

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Theatre, Comedy, and More!

OTL never knows what’s about to pop up for its Seat Fillers. But, for more than seven years, tickets for OTL seat filler members have leaned more toward plays and musicals. From there, the sky’s the limit – comedy, music, sports, lectures, book signings, dance, classes, escape rooms, you name it!

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2 or 4 Tickets, Please

Local seat filling is so different from the concept of awards show seat fillers. OTL members support the local arts & entertainment communities by enjoying the shows and activities. And, they don’t go it alone with two and four-seat membership plans, starting under $5 (£5) a month!

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Event Promoters

The primary mission of OTL Seat Fillers is to support local arts and entertainment. If you have a show, event, or activity and would like to privately invite OTL members to attend, it’s FREE, QUICK, and EASY. Oh, and did you catch “private?” We don’t tell. What happens in OTL, stays in OTL!

What are Seat Fillers?

If you think that award show seat fillers have the free ticket market cornered, think again. Local seat fillers are there to enjoy the show with their family or friends. They don’t fill seats for someone else – they fill seats, period.

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Get Excited to Be a Seat Filler

OTL Seat Fillers are like secret seat filling VIPs. They receive private invitations to all kinds of fun shows, events, and activities and are treated just like every other guest. The only difference? OTL Seat Fillers don’t pay for tickets!

NEW! OTL City Guides Tickets

The new ticket sales portal for event promoters in 10 locations (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, Tampa Bay). Sell Tickets – Send Tickets via Text or Email – Scan Tickets on site! It’s AMAZING – and, it’s another free service for the arts and entertainment and non-profit communities.

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We’ve very much enjoyed attending events in different parts of town… exploring our own city as “tourists!”  We have enjoyed every one of them so far!


Atlanta Member, OTL Seat Fillers

We love our membership!  It has gotten us to so many theatres that we didn’t even know existed.  We have recommended it to many friends.  What a bargain!


Austin Member, OTL Seat Fillers

More about OTL Seat Fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be an OTL Seat Filler?

You no longer have to be in Los Angeles or New York City to be a seat filler, as OTL Seat Fillers-Free Tickets Club has evolved the concept across the United States and in London. Becoming a community Seat Filler is as easy as registering on OTLCityGuides.com/free-ticket-clubs.

What's the difference between an Awards Show Seat Filler and an OTL Seat Filler?

Seat Fillers for award shows like the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and BAFTAs are there to do a job. They temporarily fill in empty seats for celebrities. But OTL Atlanta Seat Fillers receive pairs of free tickets by private invitation and are treated just like every other audience member.

What types of shows do Seat Fillers attend?

OTL club members (aka seat fillers) are invited to a wide variety of local events. In addition to plays, musicals, comedy shows, and music events, they've attended sporting events, classes, wine tastings, escape rooms, movies and film screenings, book signings, lectures, and more.

How much do OTL Seat Fillers pay for tickets?

OTL Seat Fillers never pay for any tickets. They pay low monthly or quarterly club dues for two or four complimentary tickets to anything they opt to attend.

How do I find new and fun things to do?

There's no better way to fill your social calendar than by being an OTL seat filler. You'll be introduced to all kinds of events and venues that you may not have even been aware of before. Plus, you get the benefit of participating and enjoying them for free.

Have Questions?

Whether you have questions about being a seat filler or inviting seat fillers to your show, event, or activity, we’re here to help.