You’ve heard about them…
The people that get to attend Award Shows. A celebrity leaves their seat and that person fills it so the audience always looks full.
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Seat Fillers

They get to rub shoulders with celebrities and attend these major televised events, but do they get to enjoy the show? It might look like fun and, if you are enamored with celebrities, what a cool experience!
But, how about those of you who just simply like to attend shows? You don’t want to switch seats ten times. You want to enjoy Music or Theatre or Comedy… how about Dance, Lectures, Sports, Burlesque, Magic, all kinds of performance arts….
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Drum roll please….

No longer just for Award Shows, Seat Fillers are now all across the U.S. and the U.K. receiving Free Show Tickets to Music, Theatre, Comedy & more…

OTL Seat Fillers aren’t filling the seat for someone else. They’re simply filling the seat AND enjoying the show… Oh, and enjoying it with guests they treat to free tickets as well. And OTL members don’t need to wait until Awards Season – they’re typically invited to attend at least a few shows a month in cities across the U.S. and the U.K..
Part of the Global Seat Filler Network, OTL the Comp Ticket Underground provides members with a huge value in tickets – all for just $10/month (£10/month in London).

Top 5 Reasons to Be a “Seat Filler”

1. An introduction to all kinds of hidden gems – Music, Theatre, Comedy & more… in your own hometown
2. Receive your Show Tickets for Free – members pay zero for tickets. No surcharges, up-charges, nothing
3. Treat your Family & Friends to Free Shows as your guest
4. Stretch your entertainment budget – all-inclusive dues is less than $10/month
5. Upscale – no coupons to print or present; make online reservations and flash your ID at the Box Office to prick up tickets
6. we know… we said 5, but there are more! Date night is covered… dinner & a movie can now be dinner & a show
7. A fun cure for boredom
8. Introduce your family to the theatre. Some shows are all-ages.
9. And the most important reason…it’s FUN!!!

It’s not for everyone though… Please make sure you’re a good fit to be a Seat Filler. Seat Filler Membership Clubs are NOT ticket brokers and shows will not be available every single day. Members are offered Free Tickets when show partners have empty seats they need to fill.

Think it sounds like fun?? Do you love Music, Theater & Comedy?

Then OTL has a Seat Filler Membership spot for YOU!

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