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Fun Things to Do

OTL Seat Fillers rarely say they’re bored anymore. With fun Things to Do and the Free Tickets for which to do them, there are options. On the List members are privately invited to attend fun shows by the theaters and venues that host them. Music, Theater, Comedy and more… OTL has even offered lectures, book signings, sporting events and conferences.

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Top 5 Resources for Newcomers

New in town? It can be challenging, but you don’t even have to be a newcomer to make some new friends, interact with your community, try some new things or enjoy new entertainment… The following are resources that may be new and helpful to you regardless of whether you’ve lived in the area for 10 days or 10 years.

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What are On the List (OTL) Seat Filler Clubs?

On the List (OTL) Seat Filler Club Members receive Free Show Tickets to Music, Theater, Comedy & more when Shows have some unsold open seats they would privately like to fill. They reserve these complimentary tickets in the OTL member area and pick them up at the theater’s box office.

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